In this session the original tibetan bowls from Peter Hess are complemented with Reiki Shin Do. It translates as “The path of vibrational healing”.

It is a millenary practice that works with universal energy increasing the frequency of the client at a physical, mental and emotional level, working in his electromgnetic field (aura).

Every cell and every organ in our body vibrates at a certain frequency. When an organ is healthy, its vibrational frequency is in harmony with the rest of the body. If it is altered, this harmony is broken and we experience discomfort, pain , disease. This method helps you to return the frequencies to their natural state of well-being. A lower  (disease, pain, negativity) an not coexist with a higher frequency (wellbeing, joy, love).

The bowls are placed in different zones of the (clothed) body to gradually relax, harmonizing the skin, tissues, organs, bones and body fluids. You can feel it as a soft massage. Leads to a deep relaxation of body and mind.


This therapy renews you at a very deep level. It helps you to discover your inner being  connecting with your original vibration.


  • Reduce stress and increase positive energy
  • Helps to release – physically and mentally and connect with your inside
  • Activates self-healing powers
  • Contributes to a better sleep
  • Returns their natural frequency (health) to the organs and cells
  • Activates joy
  • Helps to live more freely and authentically

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