ULI Sound Therapist

Sound Yoga 

Imagine you are deeply relaxed. Then you hear the magical sound of a singing bowl which envolves you. Moving slowly with the sound and listening carefully what is happening in your body and mind – a deep encounter with yourself.

The vibrations  harmonize and lead to a better perception of the body.  Signs of stress and tension can be recognized earlier.

The movements are carried out gently and consciously and adapted to each participant.

In some postures the bowls are placed on the body .

You feel your very own inner rythm again and take it with you into our daily life.

Individual or group sessions.  

The vibrations and overtone-rich sounds of the Singing Bowls harmonize and lead to a better body awareness. Through stretching, the sound massages your organs, moves along the meridians and makes them vibrate. Tensions and blockages can be gently released.

The participants are supported in sliding easily into the postures in a gentle way. They perceive themselves more intensively and contact deeply with their very own center.

The most important moments of the day are those when we are completely with ourselves.              ( Peter Hess )


  • Reduces  stress
  • Helps to release
  • Supports and improves body- and self awareness
  • Relieves physical and chronic pain.
  • Promotes health: harmonization, regeneration and vitalisation
  • Contributes to the activation of self -healing powers
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Activates life energy

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