Soundtherapy Harmonizing Session with Singing Bowls and other instruments

This session is very good for a first contact with sound on a therapeutic level.

Sound therapy is a very ancient discipline that uses instruments such as tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, rainstick, Kalimba, voice etc to create specific vibrations that benefit our body and lead to deep relaxation.

By feeling envolved in sound you feel save and you can disconnect of repetitive thoughts and create space and calm for new ideas and approaches.

To receive Soundtherapy you can sit or ly down comfortably.

After the first session you can ask for instruments or sounds according to your preferences for the next session.


  • Reduces stress
  • Helps to release
  • Improves sleep
  • Helps memory
  • Harmonizes and balances
    the cerebral hemispheres
  • Calmsthe emotions
  • Promotes self-awareness
  • Activate vital-joy

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